A Tribute to the Medical Profession

For many years, my mother worked as a beneficiary attendant at the Notre-Dame-de-Fatima Hospital in La Pocatière, Quebec, Canada. When she returned home after a long day or evening at work, she never displayed to me or any member of my family her sadness and sometimes sorrow caused by her job even though day after day, she faced sadness, illness, and loneliness.

Why this silence, this discretion? Maybe she wanted to protect us, or simply let us live our lives knowing that there would be time for each of us to meet the inevitable.

My mother knew a number of elderly people, sometimes living alone, who’s only moments outside of their home or residence was their monthly or annual appointment with their family doctor.

Several elderly people, with whom my mother spent long hours, had lost a spouse or sometimes one of their children. Their social circle narrowed quickly. Yet, some still preserved a joy for life, loved to sing and evoke memories of their long-gone youth. Sweet moments of exchange and humanity.

We see with what has been going on around us since the Coronavirus pandemic how much the medical profession does essential work in our lives. This artwork is a tribute to all the caregivers – to their altruism and their courage – and especially my mother who worked as an attendant for beneficiaries for almost thirty years.

This work will eventually be for sale. Here is a visual of the assembled product.
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